terms & conditions

1. Application for a pitch

i. To book a pitch traders must first complete the online registration form which will then be reviewed. once your registration has been checked and approved you will be able to book and pay online.

ii. You must provide on application the dimensions of your pitch or trader van (including any generators etc), along with a photo of the set up

iii. All traders must specify at the time of booking a detailed description of the goods they wish to sell. To ensure variety, ethical vegan events have the right to refuse a pitch. If there are any changes to products being sold, please refer to point 5.

iv. Failure to comply may risk being asked to remove items or your pitch being cancelled.

v. Generally pitches are allocated at the time of each market trading on a first come basis. There is no definitive pitch allocation unless stated otherwise. Note there may be exceptions for some of our markets or certain goods agreed in advance.

2. Public Liability

i. Traders shall at all times hold a current Public Liability Insurance policy that provides cover of no less than £5,000,000. Proof of valid insurance is to be provided annually via your original booking form.

3. Documentation

i. All Food traders whether hot, cold or packaged must provide their food hygiene rating and food safety certification. All stall owners/managers/supervisors should have level 3 and minimum level 2 for each staff member.

ii. We highly recommend that you join NCASS where they have everything available to support you in running a safe business. https://www.ncass.org.uk/membership-packages/mo bile-catering/

iii. Traders using electrical equipment must provide the relevant PAT certificates. If an item is less than 12 months old then a valid proof of purchase must be provided.

iv. Traders using gas must provide a copy of the relevant Gas Safety certificates. v. Owner/Manager of stalls with electricity and or gas must have themselves or at least one member of staff with a First Aid Training Certificate & a Fire Safety Training Certificate

4. Generators

i. Traders may be permitted to use small portable low noise generators at some of our markets with prior permission, but please check before booking. Traders using generators will be required to submit a copy of their inspection certificate.

ii. Traders are required to supply and place either a metal or plastic drip tray under the generator to prevent staining of paving.

5. Sale of Goods

i. The promotion of non-vegan items will not be permitted under any circumstances.

ii. All non-food and food products sold, promoted, or offered for sampling must be 100% vegan. This means that no animal products have been used in the processing of or in the final product. If you're not sure we will be happy to offer further guidance. We reserve the right to remove any products deemed not to fit these criteria at the event from sale, promotion and sampling.

iii. Any change in product lines or goods for sale must be agreed in advance prior to the market in which the product is to be introduced. This includes any temporary lines.

iv. We understand that not all traders will be vegan themselves. However, out of respect to attendees and fellow traders, we ask that all traders avoid bringing any non-vegan products to the event for personal use.

v. In the interests of keeping the market a fun and welcoming place for all ages, we ask that no material showing graphic images of animals in pain be on display at the event.

vi. We also ask that traders do not sell or promote material containing swear words or calls to violence even if intended in a satirical way.

vii. No medicines, cigarettes, drugs or drug related merchandise should be sold or displayed at any time.

6. Hygiene & Food Labelling

i. Traders are responsible for ensuring that anyone handling food and drink products on their stall adheres to food hygiene regulations including safe handling, hand washing, allergen training and keeping foods at the correct temperature. We recommend an NCASS membership as all health and safety systems are included.

ii. Every trader handling unwrapped food including samples (excluding traders selling fruit and vegetables) must provide an adequate supply of hot & cold water for washing hands, utensils and equipment. This can be supplied via a mobile sink unit or flask, but must be suitable for the food you are handling. Washbasins for cleaning hands must also be supplied with soap.

iii. All food available for sampling or purchase must be labelled with a full list of ingredients and allergens and clearly visible either on signage on the stall or on the product itself. During Covid it is advised no samples be left out on display.

iv. All food should be marked with a list of ingredients, appropriate durability indication (use by or best before date), along with any special storage or conditions of use.

v. Allergen labelling: all traders are required to comply with the Food Information Regulations 2014 with regards to allergens. In this respect we highly recommend an NCASS membership as all health & safety systems are included. As well as the official GOV Guidelines. https://www.gov.uk/food-labelling-and-packaging/ingredients-list https://www.gov.uk/food-labelling-and-packaging/food-lab elling-what-you-must-show

7. Storage and display of food

i. All food must be protected from the risk of contamination. Potential sources of contamination would include people, animals and the weather.

ii. All foods must be stored off the ground.

iii. Any unwrapped food (apart from fruit and vegetables) must be protected from contamination with a perspex sneeze screen/cough guards.

iv. Foods must be stored at the correct temperatures in line with the Environmental Health requirements. Suitable thermometers should be available and it is good practice to check food temperatures throughout the day.

8. Conduct of Business

i. Traders shall conduct their business in such a manner as to maintain the good order, discipline and reputation of ethical vegan events.

ii. Traders must comply with the Sale of Goods Act 1994. Goods must not be misrepresented either visually or verbally and defective goods must be exchanged or a refund given.

iii. All traders vehicles transporting goods to the market must be unloaded promptly and vehicles moved off-site prior to the deadlines for each market. See Market Day Instructions. No trader shall unreasonably block access to fellow traders.

iv. Traders should adhere to each individual Market Day Instructions available on the website and sent out prior to every event. Any issues or concerns with these instructions must be raised immediately.

9. Market Stalls

i. Food traders must ensure they have appropriate matting down to prevent staining to the paving.

ii. All traders must supply their own structures/gazebos and they must be of a strong build, look presentable and be in good working order. Any structures deemed unsafe may be dismantled to prevent accidents.

iii. The use of full weights is compulsory at all markets; traders failing to use full weights may be prohibited from trading on the day. Suggested weights are minimum of approximately 12kg per leg and in windy conditions it may be necessary to double this to 24kg per leg.

iv. Appropriate rubbish bins to be provided and each trader is responsible for bagging and disposing and ensuring they recycle where possible.

v. Any extensions to stalls will be subject to current charges and must be agreed in advance. If any extension results in obstruction or intrusions, or is deemed unsafe then the Market Operator at their sole discretion may refuse consent.

vi. All goods sold must be clearly marked with an indication of their selling price. This price must be unambiguous, easily identifiable as referring to the goods in question.

vii. We aim to promote a plastic free environment and lessen our impact on the environment. All traders are requested to look at providing their produce in more ethical and environmentally friendly/biodegradable packaging wherever possible. Plastic bags are forbidden unless they are biodegradable.

10. Parking for Traders

i. See Market Day Instructions for further information about car parking including pricing, as details for each market location will differ slightly.

11. Payment Terms

i. Payment must be made online via the booking system only.

ii. in the event that there are multiple stalls selling the same product your booking may be cancelled however, you will be notified and refunded within 7 days.

12. Cancellation, resale and transfer

i. Pitch fees are non-refundable and no resale or transfer to another business is permitted unless agreed in writing with prior warning and in exceptional circumstances. Cancellations of confirmed bookings from traders will only be accepted up to 14 days prior to the relevant market day. A part or full refund will only be paid if sufficient notice is provided and the market Operator is able to resell the pitch, however, the refund where applicable will be less the payment processing fees.

ii. Traders must accept the risk of bad weather and will not generally be entitled to a refund for these reasons.

iii. In the event of extreme adverse weather conditions or a pandemic, epidemic, outbreak, crisis or governmental action causing the Operator to cancel the market, refunds will be at the Operators discretion and will be a percentage of the pitch fee, taking into account the operators pre event expenses and payment processing fees.